Monday, September 14, 2009

Now we have a (mini) crime spree

A bunch of break-ins about the town with cars targeted and one house having it's windows broken:

Gardai in Donegal Town are investigating a break-in at a water treatment plant in Drumlonagher overnight.

Gardai are at the plant this morning in the wake of the burglary, where the culprits stole a number of tapping saddles.

The saddles are made from the metal known as pewter ...

A number of bricks were thrown through the window at the residence ... (in Drumrooske).

Gardai are also warning the public to secure their cars following a spate of thefts at the weekend.

Two cars parked at Clár chapel were broken into on Saturday evening during Mass.

The door of one vehicle was forced open while the window in another was smashed, with thieves making off with sums of money.

A car parked at Murvagh Beach was also broken in and around the same time on Saturday evening.

Anyone with information on any of the weekend crimes are being asked to contact Gardai in Donegal Town.

My advise is, don't leave any valuables in a visible location. Even stuff that you don't think is valuable. It doesn't cost a thief anything to break your window and take your spare change or check to see if that pack of fags is empty or not.

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