Friday, September 25, 2009

The Taoiseach will be in town on Saturday

The Taoiseach will be in town on Saturday to officall the new "Discover Ireland Center" at the Quay. I presume that's the new name for the lovely new tourist office?

Brian Cowen will officially open the new Discover Ireland Centre at the Quay this Saturday morning.

The state-of-the art centre has been described as being hugely significant for Donegal tourism.

Update: It looks like the Taoiseach will also be opening a new youth development centre for the teenagers of Donegal Town:
... The Donegal Youth Information Service and Youth Development Project has move to a new centre on Tir Chonaill Street.

The Taoiseach Brian Cowen and Tanaiste Mary Coughlan will officially open the new premises this Saturday.

Youth information officer Valerie Hegarty says moving to a bigger centre, means being able to provide more services to Donegal’s young people.
Interesting kaleidoscope of the Diamond by zbyshka on Flickr.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Attempted Theft from Donegal Town Pub

Good police work by a Donegal Town based Garda stopped a crime-in-progress at a Donegal Town pub:

... The Garda Sergeant spotted some suspicious activity around the back of a bar on Main Street at around midday yesterday ... The men were arrested and brought to Donegal Town Garda Station where they were later charged with the alleged attempted theft.

Neil Forbe, Paul Loughrey and Garvin O'Connnor, who are all aged in their thirties and have addresses in Strabane, are due to appear before Tubbercurry District Court this morning.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Be careful in or near the water!

Be careful if you playing or working in or near the water!

This week one man is missing and presumed drowned while fishing up by Glenclomcille, and 3 people were washed out to sea by a rip-tide at Bundoran. In the Bundoran incident 2 people were swimming and got into difficulty. I'd presume they got caught by the currents and were being swept away from the shore. Someone went in to try and save them and they got into difficulty also. Lucky the Bundoran Lifeboat was called and all 3 people in Bundoran were saved.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Inver Sunset

Lovely sunset at Inver beach captured by Mark:

A sunset at Inver

Monday, September 14, 2009

Now we have a (mini) crime spree

A bunch of break-ins about the town with cars targeted and one house having it's windows broken:

Gardai in Donegal Town are investigating a break-in at a water treatment plant in Drumlonagher overnight.

Gardai are at the plant this morning in the wake of the burglary, where the culprits stole a number of tapping saddles.

The saddles are made from the metal known as pewter ...

A number of bricks were thrown through the window at the residence ... (in Drumrooske).

Gardai are also warning the public to secure their cars following a spate of thefts at the weekend.

Two cars parked at Clár chapel were broken into on Saturday evening during Mass.

The door of one vehicle was forced open while the window in another was smashed, with thieves making off with sums of money.

A car parked at Murvagh Beach was also broken in and around the same time on Saturday evening.

Anyone with information on any of the weekend crimes are being asked to contact Gardai in Donegal Town.

My advise is, don't leave any valuables in a visible location. Even stuff that you don't think is valuable. It doesn't cost a thief anything to break your window and take your spare change or check to see if that pack of fags is empty or not.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Suspicious Package in Donegal Town!

Seen on the news this morning:

The main street in Donegal town has been evacuated this morning following the discovery of a suspicious device.

A passer-by alerted gardaí about a suspect package on the street outside EBS bank at around 7.30am.

An army bomb disposal unit has been sent to the scene.

And from the Irish Times:

Garda Inspector Denis Joyce of the South Donegal Division said a member of the public raised the alarm at 7.00am today.

A large area around the discovery was evacuated within two hours.

Inspector Joyce said no claim of responsibility has been received. He said gardaí are keeping an open mind about the incident.

OceanFM says the package was taken by the bomb squad to Finner:

The suspicious device found in the centre of Donegal town has been removed for further examination. The potential pipe-bomb was found propped up against the EBS building on the Main Street early this morning.

The Army Bomb Disposal Unit has taken it to Finner Camp outside Ballyshannon. It's not yet known if its viable or not.

Shops in the area were evacuated but the Main Street is now being reopened ...

Anyone got any updates?

Update: Pic from Christina out her window:

And a quote from her flickr page:
bomb scare on the main street. sources (folks hanging out of their shop windows) say that there is an incendiary device in Billy Johnston's. Uproar as Bomb squad is not due to arrive until 1pm (almost 6 hours after it was reported).

Update 2: More pics from

The most sinister aspect of this incident is the fact that the device was planted in a doorway on the town’s Main Street just 100 meters from the local St. Patrick’s Church where Mass-goers would normally have being coming and going at that time of the day. Furthermore it was within 400 meters of the main national schools in the town.

Update 3: Contact the Gardi in Donegal Town if you saw or think you saw anything:

Garda Insp Denis Joyce, the senior officer present, said a description of the device indicated it had the appearance of a pipe bomb, and this was enough to raise an immediate security alert.

“I would ask for anyone in that vicinity of Donegal town, who may have seen anything suspicious between the hours of 5pm on Thursday and 7am on Friday morning, to contact gardaí in Donegal town on 074 9740190,” he said. “I would also like to thank local Donegal town businesses and visitors for their patience and co-operation during the alert.”

Friday, September 04, 2009

Video of the Astoria in Bundoran Burning Down

The Playboy of the Western World, Part 2!

I realised that I never posted the 2nd page from the Fear Feasa about the Playboy of the Western World.

So here it is! Click on the pic to see the full size:

Here's a close-up of the photograph on the page:

From Left to right: PJ Dunlevy, Shane Gallagher, Seamus Carr (sitting), and Paul Hone (with his back to the photographer).

The first post was in Jan:

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Serial Twin Live in Dublin

Video of the lads live at the Sugar Club in Dublin in July of this year.

And in O'Donnells in Donegal Town! :)

More videos on their YouTube page and on the new Serial Video channel thingy over there on the right -->

Updated: I'd originally put up a video of the lads playing in O'Donnells and not the Sugar Club. Thanks to Ciaran for pointing that out.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Red Hugh O'Donnell I

Great pic of the Red Hugh statue down by the Quay. Taken by Esther Moliné over on Flickr.

Red Hugh
Red Hugh O'Donnell I
Originally uploaded by Esther Moliné