Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sean Needham

Great funny video, and song from Sean Needham:

I didn't even know he from the town until Sean G. facebook'd me the video.

More videos from Sean are available on his Youtube page.


Brad said...

Hey,very entertaining.Thanks for posting.

Sean said...

Thanks for the plug :-)

Mick T. said...

Any time Sean, and sure the music's good so it makes it even better. :)

Let me know if you've any gigs coming up, even if there not in Eire. You'd be surprised who might show up! :)

Mick T. said...

Hey Sean,

I noticed you have a Facebook page. I'd suggest you have 2 facebook pages, one for personal, and then maybe a "Sean Needham Band" page for sharing info about your music and stuff. It'll might allow you to share FB with friends and family and not having to befriend hundreds of people.