Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Scotsmans

A great pic of The Scotsman's:
The Scotsman's Bar, Donegal Town

Thanks to Flickr user Salmon Leap for the pic.

Now, do ye all know why it's called The Scotman's? It's because The Scotsman's was owned by Willie Gibson and his wife (whose name I've forgotten). Wille was from Scotland, hence the name of the pub. The front of the pub (where the window is) used to be a wee grocery shop. When I was a kid I used to get wafers and sweets, and the Ma would send me down to get sliced ham, and sometimes a half-block of HB Raspberry Ripple.


Jeannie said...

ahh i loved it when it was wee shop :) she used to give me an extra one/ cake or penny sweet or what ever just because she felt like it

Does anyone rem what was their last name...come to think of it what was her first name even?


Mick T. said...

Willie Gibson, like it says above! 8D

Mick T. said...

I miss the raspberry ripple wafers! Yum.