Sunday, July 26, 2009

Retired Garda shot dead.

Sorry for the sporadic postings recently. But I though this was important. A retired Garda detective beleived to be from Donegal died of a gunshot wound. The shooting happened at the Carrick-on-Shannon Garda Station:

According to reports in todays Sunday Tribune, the 53 year old man was from Donegal and retired from the force in May of this year.

He was a detective and had served for 35 years,

It is believed that the deceased was in the station in relation to his former role, when the incident happened shortly before 10 o clock yesterday morning.

Gardai confirmed that an official firearm was used, however no more details are being realeased about the incident at this stage.

However, the Sunday Tribune claims the Garda shot himself:
"He was one of the soundest men you could ever meet. There was never any sign that he had any problems. Out of the 50 or so current or retired gardaĆ­ in Carrick-on-Shannon, he would be the last one anyone would suspect of doing something like this," said a source.

"He was big into GAA and competed in athletics nationally. He was a go-to guy in the guards and was well liked and regarded. He was very active in the local community as well. He was enjoying his retirement, playing golf and taking it easy. It's just very, very sad for his family.

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NewsWire said...

He very clearly shot himself, Gardai had said no other people were involved.