Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dunkineely Windfarm Denied

Proposals for a windfarm near Dunkineely were turned down due to landslide fears:
... Among the objections were the proximity of the windfarm to domestic dwellings and the devaluation of homes with one home just 600 metres from the proposed windfarm.

An Bord Pleanála was asked to examine the decision in the light of article eight of the European Human Rights Convention which addresses the right to privacy in home and family life.

Accepting the appeal the board referred to the findings of the Peat Slide Risk Assessment which found that there was a significant depth of peat on the site and that the consistency of the peat was extremely weak across the site.

The board said construction of the proposed development could pose "an unacceptable risk of peat failure and landslide in the area of the site, with consequential risk of water pollution in the area".

A windfarm in a bog may have been related to a landslide in Kerry last year:
And perhaps in Galway in 2003:

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