Tuesday, May 12, 2009

With eagles in Donegal & Kerry being poisoned there have been calls to restrict access to poisons:
Farmers have laced the bodies of carcasses in the past to kill foxes and crows and other scavengers. However, Dr Mee says that the possibility that the eagles are being targeted deliberately cannot be ruled out.

He also said that poisoning was a very poor method of fox control as it was indiscriminate and killed all kinds of wildlife including badgers and pine martens, as well as the eagles. Most of the poisons that have been identified are either heavily restricted or banned in other countries.

The Indo has an interesting article about Mary Couglan where they say that a lot of criticism if Mary may be sexism, and also a case of jealousy:
I suspect, therefore, that deep in psyche of all of this, the demonisation of Mary, it is not that she has become a bad Minister overnight, which she hasn't, but that it is felt she may have gotten too big for her Wellington boots; that she may have moved on -- without permission -- from being the lovely girl from Donegal to somebody who is now telling them what to do in Fianna Fail.

And another article from the Indo about a woman in Donegal who had to close her animal sanctuary and sell her Donegal cottage due to illness:
"Could not work? Never mind work -- I couldn't even walk," she says. "The life that I had always dreamed of -- living in Donegal and having my own animal sanctuary -- was now about to be threatened by a silent, invisible, destructive force called neuropathic pain." Annette says it feels as though she is being stabbed in the groin with a sharp, jagged knife which never ceases its relentless stabbing.

Consequentially, she cannot do any of the things she so enjoyed in the past, activities such as running, cycling, surfing or riding horses. Now, she can only move slowly, and with the help of a walking stick.

"I often joke about the pain when I am with other people, but when I am alone, I cry.

"My beautiful cottage and farm are now up for sale, as I have to repay my mortgage and I have no choice but to relocate," she says.

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