Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Time to catch up on news from the past few weeks! :)

Profits are down at Donegal Creameries, however, they do seem to be doing well and are profitable and must be well managed:
Profits at Donegal Creameries fell sharply in 2008 due to a decline in the global dairy market, the group said today.

Turnover increased by 3.4 per cent in 2008 from €125.6 million to €129.9 million but operating profits from fell €9.3 million to €5.8 million. Underlying profits were €4.7 million down from €6.1 million in 2007 mainly due to dairy commodity prices and less activity in the property market.

The revaluation of development lands in North Western Livestock Holdings resulted in a loss to the group of €4.7 million.

Turnover in the group's dairy business dropped by 5 per cent to €56.3 million. However, its agri-business division performed well with its seed potato business continuing to flourish and its recently established garden centres also making a useful contribution to full-year results.

County Councillor worried about vigilantism in Donegal:
... the media was contacted by a group styling itself as republican, threatening five people in the Letterkenny and Donegal Town areas.

The group claimed the individuals were involved in selling drugs and were warned that action would be taken if they didn't stop ...

Donegal County Councillor and European election candidate Padrag MacLochlainn says these groups should leave policing to the gardai.

There's been an outbreak of mumps in the county and students at Letterkenny Institute of Technology have been offered free vaccinations:
... There have been 54 cases in the county so far this year, compared to 33 in 2008.

Consultant in Public Health Medicine Dr Anthony Breslin said the 1980s scare over the MMR vaccine was to blame.

"People who missed the vaccine are now getting together in third level institutions," he said.

"This is the age group that missed out on getting the MMR vaccine when it was introduced back in 1988.

"What's happening is that they're getting together in universities and colleges and they're meeting people who have the infection and they're not protected.

And there was 3 e-coli contaminations of water supplies in the county in 2007.
There were three incidents of E.Coli contamination of public water supplies in Donegal during 2007 at Ballintra, Cullionboy and Lettermacaward ... The overall rate of compliance in Donegal, 95.3% was below the national average during 2007 but improved slightly from 2006.

Inspector with the EPA Dara Page says Donegal County Council needs to ensure that the required upgrading of water supplies around the county is being carried out

They don't say how these occurred, but often times this is because of waste from farms seeping into the water supply.

And here's a pic of Lough Moran, the reservoir, on the other side of Barnes. Pic taken by Mark Fearon:
Lough Moran / Mourne in Ice


Anonymous said...

aww that's beautiful...they look like stepping stones to a little island.

Mick T. said...

Aye, it is a great pic. Mark is a class photographer.