Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Derry man, Brendan Henderson, was sentenced to 4 years in jail for causing car accident, in 2005, that killed 5 people. Mr. Henderson is paralyzed from the accident, and nearly died himself.
Brendan Henderson, 50 of Sevenoaks, Waterside, pleaded guilty to causing the deaths through dangerous driving.

A car driven by Henderson crashed head-on into a car in which the young people were travelling at Quigley's Point.

Gavin Duffy, David Steel, Darren Quinn, Charlene O'Connor and Rochelle Peoples all died instantly.

In a tearful address to the victims' families at Letterkenny Circuit Court on Thursday, Henderson, who had been drinking on the night of the crash, offered his apologises and said he regretted every moment of his life since the accident.

More at the Belfast Telegraph, and The Irish Times reports on the feelings of the families of those who died:

Irish Central has a story about a Killybegs man, Dermot Boyle, his wife who moved home to Ireland, and moved to Killybegs, after living in Amerika for a wile long time. Thankfully they moved home before the current economic woes and are doing well:
“Dermot got reacquainted with an old friend from New York and together they started an electrical company, and I got a part time job doing night audit in a five star hotel,” says Elaine.

It wasn’t difficult to get a job when they first arrived home. Elaine saw an ad in the local newspaper. She applied for the job and was hired immediately.

Dermot’s business took off as soon as it started. They were on a roll.

Now two years on, the pair, who come back to visit family in New York once or twice a year, are as happy as the day they touched down in Ireland.

The average rent for a home in Donegal has been dropping:
The average monthly rental price in Donegal has dropped by almost 40 euros over the past 12 months. According to housing website, renting a property in the county now costs on average 560 euros per month.

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