Friday, May 15, 2009

The Bluestacks Jam Club

From Greg Gorman, via Facebook:

Hi all, The Bluestacks Jam Club will be launched in the Abbey hotel Donegal town on Monday June 1st at 9.30pm and every Monday nite after that. Special guest Johnny Gallagher from the Boxtie Band will be making an appearance. All Musicians and Singers are welcome as it will be an Open Jam. A pre-launch meeting will be held on Monday 25th May in the Abbey hotel.

Update: See Greg's comment below for the club's e-mail address. And if your on Facebook you can join the group:


Greg said...

Please tell people to send an email to with their name and contact details ,that way we can keep them posted . Also we have a group on Face Book called Blue Stacks Jam Club Donegal. thanks Mike

Mick T. said...

Greg U should set up BluestacksJamClub Blog! :)