Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sports Woes.

Here's an article that should interest and be of concern Donegal sports fans. Most if not all of the players need to have a seperat4e job besides playing for their team. If they can't find work in Donegal, we may loose some of our best players. (I don't follow sports too closely, correct me if I'm wrong about anything):
Experienced footballers Barry Dunnion, Christy Toye, Ciaran Bonnar and Kevin McMenamin are all seeking work at the moment, while fellow Donegal star, midfielder Brendan Boyle, will not have his contract as an engineer with the local county council renewed next month. Team manager John Joe Doherty is also worried that students on his panel may now seek summer employment abroad.

"I know the country is going through difficult times and we are in the middle of a recession," he said. "Jobs are scarce and things are not easy at the moment, but I think as a county we should look after our players and that is why I am calling on everyone to rally around ...

Farrell says job losses have now become a nationwide epidemic for Gaelic players. "On our website we're trying to get companies to advertise positions so we can match our players with them, nothing earth shattering but it's a start," he says ...

Two high-profile players who had to leave these shores recently to seek jobs are Fermanagh footballer Mark Murphy and Wicklow ace James Stafford.

If they can't get jobs at home, they'll be looking further afield and don't be surprised if the North American GAA clubs come recruiting.

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