Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Petition for Irish Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagle Trust has organised an online petition to show the support for the ongoing reintroduction of Golden Eagles, White-tailed Eagles and Red Kites in Ireland, and for efforts to put a stop to illegal poisoning.



This is why:
Scottish Natural Heritage is believed to be reviewing whether to continue granting permission for golden eagle chicks to be donated to Ireland. About ten of Scotland's golden eagles are given to Ireland each year under a reintroduction programme after the species was wiped out there.

The agreement has previously come under fire as golden eagles are rare in Scotland and there have been reports that several birds have been poisoned in Ireland ... Allan Mee, project manager of the Golden Eagle Trust in Ireland, said: "The sad thing is that none of this needs to happen. Something has to be done about the poisoning situation or more eagles will die.

"It's a national disgrace that we continue to mindlessly wipe out wildlife by using poisons in this day and age."

Other birds introduced to Ireland have also suffered persecution.

A white-tailed sea eagle project started in Kerry in 2007 but five out of the 15 birds released in Killarney National Park have been found poisoned.

And a red kite was shot dead in the Wicklow Mountains just weeks after it was released in July 2007.

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