Thursday, April 30, 2009


And the teen driving the car that knocked down and killed the Gardai in Letterkenny has been remanded on bail. What's interesting, is that he was on temporary release from jail, where he was serving time for motoring offenses!
Mr McGrenaghan is charged with dangerous driving causing serious bodily harm to Gda McCallion at Tara Court, Letterkenny, Co Donegal, on March 26, and of stealing a car at the same place ...

Mr McGrenaghan was on temporary release from Castlerea Prison at the time of the alleged offence. He had 11 weeks left to serve of a nine-month sentence for a series of motor offences.

Something doesn't compute there, if he was in jail for "motoring offences" and then knocks down and kills someone while on release from jail, should he be back in jail and not going to school?

And loads of illegal fuel is flowing across the border (or at least people are trying to smuggle it):
Twenty-two thousand euro, four mobile laundering plants, and 12 vehicles were also seized in 19 raids in counties Armagh, Monaghan and Donegal.

Martin McGuinness and Billy Hutchinson were both in Donegal recently, where they met Arabs and Israelis and talked to them about their views on peace and dialogue.
Both Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, a former IRA second-in-command in Londonderry, and Progressive Unionist Billy Hutchinson, a convicted former member of the UVF and former MLA, attended the Combatants for Peace seminar in Donegal.

They spoke with 15 former Palestinian militants and 15 Israeli war veterans, whose contact at the meeting which finished at the weekend would be regarded as treachery on their home soil.

Mr McGuinness, whose party leader Gerry Adams is preparing a report on the Middle East situation for new US envoy George Mitchell, said the militant Hamas, Palestinians and Israel government would have to talk eventually.

“You have a duty to negotiate. Whether you leave it for another 10 or 20 or 50 years, you will end up having to, so do it now and save lives,” he said ...

Mr Hutchinson said: “The thing that cemented the process for me was that republicans were on a parallel road.”

Two Donegal Women are promoting green lifestyles. They started a blog (or Web site) to help people pick green companies:
... our lifestyles to be just a little bit greener, but it’s probably fair to say that many of us fear the pain this might involve. Would we have to eschew all the little luxuries that life offers, forgo foreign holidays or tirelessly research the origin and provenance of every morsel? ... The problem is where to start and how to find the time and energy to go about it. Anyway, isn’t it going to cost us to listen to our conscience?

That’s how Jo Gallagher and Gina Geagan felt when they first met as young mums in Bundoran, Co Donegal. Gallagher happily admits she wasn’t always as green as she could be. “I enjoyed the high life, complete with long-haul flights and lots of retail therapy,” she laughs. It was when baby Mia arrived almost two years ago that she decided she would like to try a bit harder. Geagan had similar feelings when she had baby Alannah a year previously ... The early involvement of ecological design and energy specialist, Duncan Stewart, enhanced the credibility of their fledgling company ... Verification of credentials is key, as some companies are guilty of what Duncan describes as “green washing”, talking up their green qualifications and attempting to mislead the public. He helped develop a “green barometer” based on a series of questions to determine exactly how environmentally sound each applicant really is, taking into account accreditation, qualifications, materials used, etc. Visitors to the site are encouraged to get involved by leaving feedback and a panel of experts is on hand to provide tips, post blogs and answer questions. “We plan to make it the Trip Advisor of greenness,” says Gallagher, referring to the popular travel rating site.

An interesting idea, and interesting that some people don't care about the consequences of their actions until they have kids. Anyways, see for more details, and let me know what you think of the site?

And remember there was news that the Scottish National Heritage agency were thinking of not providing with any more Golden Eagles? Where, appears this is only partially true. But if feckers keep killing the birds, they may nor provide any more.
Today's confirmation that the SNH is not currently considering suspending the license comes following a meeting between the group and the Irish Golden Eagle Project and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

However a full review of the Irish operation has been launched which led to the temporary suspension of the licence.

This follows the poisoning of a Golden Eagle found dead in Donegal in early March - an investigation found it was illegally poisoned ... a review group will report in the Summer giving its view on the progress of the project and that in due course a decision will be made on the future licensed collection of birds to Ireland.

So far the 8 year project to release the Golden Eagles into Donegal has made a promising start with 53 birds released in Glenveagh National Park with up to six ranges in the county currently occupied.

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