Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Many reports on a single car accident on the Muff road, 2 of the car's occupants were throw from the car and one was killed.

OceanFM reports:
Gardai say the car left the road and hit a fence. Both occupants were thrown from the car. One of the men - in his early 30’s - was fatally injured. The other - a man in his late 20’s - was seriously injured and was rushed to Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry. The scene is currently closed pending an examination by Garda forensic collision investigators and diversions are in place.

With more coverage from the Times:

And more detail coverage from the Derry Journal, which implies that driving too fast may have been the cause (and sounds to me like they weren't seat-belts). Either way it's a tragedy.

Up to 50 festivals take place in the county each year. Two of them, The Mary from Dungloe Festival, in Dungloe, and The Rory Gallagher Festival in Ballyshannon, have had funding from Bord Failte cut by 60%. And that funding for all festivals will not exist next year. It's unclear, if this means to all festivals in Ireland, or just Donegal.
... is reducing the funding for the Mary from Dungloe and Rory Gallagher festivals by 60% in 2009.

The move has been condemned by Donegal County Councillor and organiser of the Rory Gallagher Festival, Barry O'Neill. He says it is a major blow and is calling on those behind the estimated 50 festivals across Donegal to a meeting on the issue in Glenties next Tuesday night.

I wonder if these 2 have been pinpointed as they're fairly successful, and may be able to survive without funding? What do you think?

And finally, a nice story! One of the Rose's (from Frosses?), Michael Rose a fishmonger, is mentioned in an Athlone newspaper.
A native of Donegal - “between Donegal town and Killybegs” - selling fish was something which ran in Michael’s family. His father worked as a fishmonger carrying out door-to-door sales.

Michael explained that, in coming to Athlone every week, he is carrying on a family tradition started by his father-in-law, Robert Hutchinson, 26 years ago ...

“Given that Athlone’s in the heart of the country and away from the sea, it was a bit of a novelty at that time for a bit of fresh fish from the sea to be sold in the town,” he said.

Michael worked with his father-in-law in Athlone for a number of years. Then, in 1999, Robert decided he “wanted to take a back seat,” so Michael purchased the van and became its sole operator.

Each week he travels from Donegal to Mountbellew, where he operates the fish van on Wednesdays. Then it’s on to Athlone, where Michael stays at a house in the centre of town on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

And Donegal Wildlife reports on seeing many butterflies out, the good weather can't be far behind!

And all ye friggin' heathens are heading back to Mass now so I see. Being faithful now won't make up for the excesses of the past, but did many of us in Donegal really see any excesses during the Celtic Tiger?
In County Donegal, in Ireland, Father William Peoples said there were "much bigger crowds than recent years. On Easter Sunday, we had a 30 percent increase, but it's been noticeable over the last few months.

"The recession certainly has something to do with it," he said. "I suppose we have walked down the road of the Celtic Tiger for many years; we get fed up of a materialistic world and desire more."

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