Friday, April 17, 2009


Highland radio reports that the Labour party is saying that brand new X-ray unit at Donegal Town hospital is unused, this is after the T√°naiste did an official opening there 6 months ago:
... Local election candidate for the (Labour) party Seamus Carbin says people in the area that need an X-ray often have to travel to Letterkenny General Hospital.

A local committee in Donegal Town raised €100,000 to provide what was deemed to be a very important piece of Medical equipment for Donegal Town.

Mr Carbin says he has been contacted by both staff and local residents who are asking when will the X-ray unit be opened and operational.

He believes it is now time for the HSE to respect the people of Donegal and the staff and open this X-ray unit immediately.

And Sligo seen several thousand marching demonstrating about the moving of cancer treatment out of the NW:
... protesters took to the streets of Sligo yesterday to vent their anger at the impending transfer of breast cancer services to University Hospital Galway.

And due to the economic downturn, crime us up! And people are urged to report it:
... Research shows that rising unemployment levels inevitably leads to more crime and in Donegal there has been a recorded increase in so called creeper burglaries and armed robberies.

Maeve Ryan from the Crime Victims Helpline says Donegal victims should know help is available on 1850 211 407

Huge shooting star seen over Donegal and other parts of Ireland:
Security cameras in Northern Ireland may shed some light on the cause of a massive fireball in the sky on Sunday. The shooting star was reported at about 0030 BST by people living as far apart as Donegal and Cork.

David Moore chairman of Astronomy Ireland said they were fairly certain it was a rock from space which could have landed somewhere in Ireland.

He said they were very keen to hear from anyone who has footage of what is suspected to be a meteor falling.

"We're fairly certain that it was a rock from space, a meteor which may have dropped a meteorite," he said. "We are asking people to send in their reports, so we can triangulate on the path and figure out did it land on Ireland?"

The last time a meteor was seen over Ireland was in 1999 over Carlow and there was a similar event over the skies of Northern Ireland 30 years earlier.

8,000 year old axe found on Inch Island:
According to a report in the Derry Journal, the discovery was made in the Baylet area of Inch Island and is believed to date from the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age, which in Ireland commenced about 7000 BC and continued until 4000 BC.

Eddie Harkin from the society said that the highly polished axe head measuring approximately five inches by two inches and fashioned from a type of stone known as gabbro, was found in a ploughed field close to the southern shore of Lough Swilly.

And a pic to cheer ye up! I took this up the Bluestacks a few years ago, just remember there's sunshine on it's way eventually. Even with this recession or economic downturn or whatever it's called, things will get better eventually. Hopefully before we're all wile auld. ;)
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