Saturday, April 04, 2009


Clr Pringle warns about price discrepencies in obtaining sick certs from Doctors:
Clr Pringle says if a patient does not have a medical card they are basically being left open to being charged for the certs. He says patients should keep their receipts to claim back the costs.

We are in a free market and doctors are free to charge what they want, but next time you need one find out the price in advance so you don't get ripped off.

Are private forestries an un-tapped job sector?
It is being claimed that Donegal's private forestry sector is being overlooked as a valuable opportunity to stimulate job creation in the county ... The Donegal Woodland Owners Society says Donegal currently leads the way in wood energy and the private forestry sector could provide a means of adding value to our forests.

Donegal organisations receives funding from the IFI:
The workhouse in Dunfanaghy is to receive 350,000 euro in funding as part of the latest allocation from the Board of the International Fund for Ireland ... Balor Theatre in Ballybofey for which funding of 215,000 euro has been awarded for a project in conjunction with the alley Theatre in Strabane.

And some County Donegal residents have been a wee bit lax in paying their taxes:
And a lot of Donegal Taxi drivers don't earn a wile load:
Hugh McFadden is the spokesperson for Letterkenny Taxi Drivers Association - he says as it stands many drivers in Donegal are earning less than the minimum wage.

And if you own a really nice high-end car, well watch out for the latest scam to steal your car:
The scam involves car-owners receiving a phone call, possibly from a mobile, purporting to be the Dublin-based car distributor informing them that the car is due for a recall or modification which will be carried out free of charge.

Arrangements are then put in place to leave the keys at an agreed location and for a third-party to collect the car.

Gardai are advising car-owners that manufactors follow strict protocol in relation to recalls, which will see the registered owner being contacted by letter, quoting the car’s chassis number.

If you receive such a phone call, it would be a good idea to call the GardaĆ­ about it.

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