Friday, April 03, 2009


Nice to see someone enjoying Donegal! :)

And the Donegal Water Bus get's a wee mention here:

Even Gerry Adams popped over for a wee trip:
Sinn Fein Leader Gerry Adams is in Donegal this afternoon to launch the parties proposals for job creation. Mr Adams is also canvassing with the parties candidate for European elections in the NW constituency Padraig Mc Laughlin.

He said that it is important for the party to have a voice in Europe especially in these turbulent economic times and described Mr Mc Laughlin as an outstanding candidate ...

He also said that the electorate can not be taken for granted when it comes to EU elections.

And that BIPA meeting at Solis was on Monday (Mar 30th):
This afternoon, the assembly will be addressed by the co-chairs of the consultative group on the past, Robin Eames and Denis Bradley at the Solis Lough Eske Castle Hotel in Donegal Town

Some quotes from Mary at the meeting:
Enterprise Minister Mary Coughlan confirmed she held talks in recent days with commercial lending bosses in both Bank of Ireland and AIB on the issue. Small and medium-sized firms have been complaining that lack of access to credit has been hampering their day to day viability.

The Tanaiste told politicians at the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly (BIPA) meeting in Co Donegal that banks must free up more credit to help support enterprise projects.

And are fishermen (or former fishermen) getting too much money for not fishing to protect wild salmon?
Brian O Domhnaill, a Fianna Fail senator from Donegal, said payments of more than 100,000e seemed high, but were given to men who had depended on commercial salmon fishing for their livelihoods and this was no longer open to them. He said the livelihoods of crewmen and fish-processing workers had been imperilled by the shutdown of the wild-salmon trade ...

It reported that “marine survival is the lowest it has been since the present national assessment programme commenced in 1980”.

The report recommended that commercial salmon fishing be ended in most of the river catchments and severely restricted in the remaining areas.

Last year the government set up a further €5m fund which was aimed at the now redundant crews and processing workers employed in the drift-netting and draft-netting trade.

The community support scheme was designed to retrain workers to help them diversify into “non-salmon fishing activity”.

Hmmm, seems weird to me that the fishermen make the profit from the fish, but then when they over-fish and threaten the species the taxpayer has to compensate them not to fish? Maybe they shouldn't have been so profitable and the fishermen and the government should have been more concered about preserving the fish stocks for future fishermen and generations?

Fishing Trawler, Killybegs, Ireland
And hustle is a Donegal word:
HUSTLE is a Donegal noun, found only in that fair county, according to Michael Traynor’s The English Dialect of Donegal, published in 1953 by the Royal Irish Academy. I was reminded of it by Ann Gillespie from Fanad, now living in Santry. A hustle is what people in the Gaeltacht areas call a meitheal, a gathering of people to do a certain job. Traynor gives the gloss: “We had a hustle and rid the avenue of weeds.”

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