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News: Garda Dies of Injuries

And remember that Garda in Letterkenny who was knocked down and sent to hospital? Well he died, about the only condolence to his family and collegues is they have the feckers, and they better put them away for a long time. Non-violent property crime is one thing, but violent crime, and especially violent crime that results in someone dying is something else.

The Derry Journal reported on the passing of Garda McCallion:
A Garda who was struck by a car while investigating suspicious activity in Letterkenny last month has died. Robert McCallion, 29, from Swinford in Co Mayo, died shortly after 4pm at beaumont Hospital in Dublin.

A book of condolence for Garda McCallion has been opened at Letterkenny Garda Station. Garda McCallion was struck by a car shortly before 5am on March 26 as he got out of his patrol car in the Tara Court area of the town.
And so did Highland Radio:
It has been confirmed that Garda Robert McCallion, injured in the line of duty in Letterkenny last month, has died ... 18 year-old Jamie McGrenaghan, of Gortnacraw, Kerrykeel is one of two men charged in connection with the incident.

OceanFM reported when the funeral would be:
The body of Garda Robert McCallion will be returned to his native Co.Mayo this evening (April 9th).

The 29-year-old from Swinford died at Beaumount Hospital on Tuesday from injuries sustained after he was knocked down after responding to reports of a stolen car at Letterkenny’s Tara Court on 26th March.

Gardai from the Mayo division will escort Garda McCallion’s remains from Dublin to his home in Swinford later today. Gardai from the Donegal division will attend Monday’s State funeral.

Hundreds of people queued outside Letterkenny Garda Station yesterday to sign a book of condolence.

Meanwhile, a special tribute page to Garda McCallion has been set up on Killybegs-based website ...

And the Associated Press provided a little coverage on the funeral:
A rural town was plunged into mourning as a garda who died in the line of duty was buried.

Thousands turned out to celebrate the life of Garda Robert McCallion, who was crushed against a wall by a stolen car last month. Two teenagers have been charged in relation to the incident.

Whilst the BBC provided better coverage:
The president of the Garda Representatives Association, Michael O'Boyce, who was at the funeral, said the public's support had been a comfort to Garda McCallion's family.

"They're a very close-knit family and they're obviously devastated.

"Robert was the youngest and they're bearing up remarkably well, but it is after today's funeral when people aren't calling to the house anymore that the true extent of their loss will become apparent to them.

"It is a fact that when a member of An Garda Síochána dies tragically, the public do come out in huge numbers to show support for us, and it's something that we value very much," said Mr O'Boyce.

Two days before the Garda's death he young driver of the car was admitted to hospital:

The two men appeared at Glenties District Court last Friday where they were remanded in custody to Thursday’s sitting of Letterkenny District Court.
McGrenaghan turned 18 on Wednesday and Judge Conal Gibbons said he was no longer a young person. Inspector David Murphy said McGrenaghan had been admitted to hospital with a chest infection and would not be appearing in court. Judge Gibbons said he could be remanded in his absence. Inspector Murphy told Judge Conal Gibbons that a substantial file was being prepared on the case. McGrenaghan was remanded in custody at St. Patrick’s Institution to appear at Harristown District Court on April 17.

Judge Gibbons refused an application from Dunleavy’s solicitor Frank Dorrian to remand him in Castlrea prison instead of St. Patrick’s Institution. The judge ruled that the matter was one for the prison service. Mr Dorrian had explained that his client had been serving a sentence at Castlerea and it was a matter of great urgency that he return there. Inspector Murphy said Dunleavy had been remanded to St. Patrick’s by virtue of his age. He also pointed out that Castlrea was the remand prison for Donegal.

And the 18 year old driver of the car was let out on bail, put up by his mother. The total bail was 4100. What's interesting in this case, is that the accused was 17 when this happened, and just turned 18. Will he be charged as an adult?
The High Court had set bail at €100 personal surety and €4,000 independent surety on condition the guarantor was acceptable to the local District Court.
The conditions of the bail are:
Mr McGrenaghan, a Leaving Cert student of Gortnacraw, Kerrykeel, was to attend school daily, observe a 10pm to 8am curfew, live at home, be sober, refrain from contacting his co-accused Cathal Dunleavy (19), and not to apply for a passport. He is also to sign on daily with gardaí.
Consider me a skeptical fecker, but I'd suspect that this lad is a bit like that loon we all new at secondary school. Do you really think he's going to abide by these conditions for more than a few days or weeks? He probably needed some serious mental health care before he stole the car, and now deserves a lot of time in jail.
Jamie McGrenaghan, the teenager accused of dangerous driving of an 11-year-old car and causing serious harm to a young garda who died on Tuesday was due to be freed from custody yesterday when his mother was approved as a suitable independent guarantor for bail.The 18-year-old was granted bail in the High Court on Monday but remained in St Patrick’s Institution while Buncrana District Court in Donegal assessed the suitability of his mother, Margaret Rita McGrenaghan, to stand €4,000 bail.

Mr McGrenaghan is due in court again on April 17th at Harristown District Court in Castlerea, Co Roscommon. His co-accused, Mr Dunleavy, who remains in custody, is also due in the same court.

My condolences to the family of Garda McCallion, I think Gerald sums this up better than I can.

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