Tuesday, April 14, 2009

News: Donegal Helicopter Pilot Dies in Crash

More bad news, 1st is the Donegal helicopter pilot who died, then the Letterkenny based Garda who was knocked down by car thieves, and whom died from his injuries (I'll cover that in a posting tomorrow).

The BBC reported that 2 people were killed in a helicopter crash on the Kildare/Meath border the pilot was from Donegal:
A helicopter instructor and student pilot missing overnight died when their training flight crashed in Ireland ...

The wreckage of their aircraft was found near the Kildare-Meath border. The pilot was from County Donegal and his student was from County Clare. The helicopter hit power lines on Kilmurray Bog, County Kildare, before it crashed in the Bog of Allen.

Later in the week the pilot's name was released, the Donegal Democrat reports that the pilot was from up by Derrbeg:
The flight instructor killed in last week's helicopter crash in Kildare was laid to rest in his native Derrybeg yesterday. Colm Clancy (34) died along with 24-year-old trainee pilot Dermot Sheridan when the helicopter crashed in the Bog of Allen in Co. Kildare last Thursday.

Mr. Clancy's was laid to rest in Maghergallen cemetery after hundreds of people attended the Requiem Mass at St. Mary's Church, Derrybeg. The son of Matt and Betty Clancy of Derrybeg he is also survived by three brothers and a sister. A engineering graduate from Queen's University in Belfast, Colm qualified as a pilot at one of the leading flight academies in the United States.

Donegal On Sunday, also reported on accident
Colm Clancy, the son of Matt and Betty Clancy of Derrybeg, was 34 years old and had been working as a flight instructor for several years. The helicopter collision also claimed the life of trainee pilot Dermot Sheridan, 24, who was living in Clare.
More coverage from the Irish Times.

In a recent Donegal Times, Liam Hyland comments on the good writing skils and news coverage of the Donegal On Sunday Newspaper. I don't always agree with Liam, but the paper might be worth reading.

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