Thursday, April 02, 2009

Donegal Golf Course

And someone liked, and I mean really likded golfing at the Donegal Golf Course out at Murvagh! A really nice article from "The Star" newspaper in Toronto:
The wind is slicing hard off the bay and then curling over the dunes, so Michael Treacy tugs down on his cap and shortens his backswing. His drive never rises more than 10 metres off the turf and burrows through the breeze, bounding far down the fairway of Donegal Golf Club's opening hole. "That's a worker, and there's not many of those about," says Treacy with a wink. A recently retired teacher and captain of the golf club for the year, Treacy is finally getting to spend some quality time at his favourite place. "Oh, it's grand," he says in an accent that lifts lightly and then disappears into the wind ...

Celebrating its 50th birthday this year, the Donegal Golf Club is a relative baby among the county's courses. The club has hosted the Irish Amateur. Touring pro Darren Clarke rates the course as one of the best links layouts in the country ...

We spend the rest of the afternoon wandering past Donegal Town's castle and cobblestone lanes, poking through its market stalls and famous tweed store. As the sun begins to drop below the Bluestack Mountains, we press on, along the edge of the lough where two fly-fishermen are battling the steely brown trout, and then drive through a pine grove to the Solis Lough Eske, a 400-year-old castle that has recently been turned into Donegal's finest hotel.

It would be great to see this used to promote Donegal Tourism.

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