Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sustainable Kinsale!

My sister Jeannie was recently in the Kinsale press (Kinsale's in Co. Cork). Jeannie is active in the sustainability community in Kinsale and is an active member of "Transition Town Kinsale. And as a member of "Transition Town Kinsale" was involved in getting Kinsale's Land Train support from a rural transport grant to get it servicing the town and the kids school run is one of the most popular runs.

Jeannie's 6th from the left (she's wearing the scarf).
See the links above to read more about what Transition Towns are, and about sustainability. Also, see Jeannie's Permies Portal:

And a wee pic Jeannie took of the Land Train driving through Kinsale:

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