Saturday, March 21, 2009


2 die in house fire in Killygordon:
Bob McMenamin, chief fire officer in Donegal, said the fire was well established and that part of the roof of the house had collapsed when the fire brigade arrived.

“The firemen broke down the front door to gain entry and they found one male occupant of the house inside the door,” he said.

“That occupant was removed and they continued to deal with the fire. . . At a later time they found a female occupant in the kitchen area.”

Donegal Town's Saint Patrick's Day Parade is mentioned in the Indo:
The Moyne Pipe Band -- based near the village of Lagney, Co. Donegal-- was boosted by the presence of Orange Order pipers from Co. Tyrone on their way home from taking part in the Sligo parade.

Do you think they mean Laghey? :)

More details about the Bundoran bank robber who banishing a hair brush:
A Scottish man charged in connection with an alleged attempted robbery of a bank in Bundoran has been remanded in custody.

The Donegal VEC is encouraging people with bad reading, writing, and sums skills to avail of classes they offer. They have locations around the county, including Donegal Town.
Donegal VEC is urging people who have difficulty with reading, writing or basic maths to avail of the "Learning for Living" programme, which includes basic skills in english, maths and computers ... Martina Needham is Basic Education Co-ordinator at Donegal VEC. She says almost 3,000 people took part in the course last year, and in the the current economic climate, basic skills are highly important.

I'm not sure but I think that some or all of the courses are free? Contact the VEC for more details (see the links at the bottom of the following page):

Donegal youth will meet in Dungloe to discuss what they feel are society's and the world's problems:
A special meeting takes place Dungloe on Monday were hundreds of young people will gather to discuss the key social issue effecting them and how they think they should be tackled ...

The this is the final event of eight held across the country as part of Young Social Innovators 2009, Ireland’s largest citizenship programme for 15-18 year olds.

And voting was held for Donegal Town's new Mayor on Friday:
In a unique initiative, the community will have the chance to choose their Mayor.

The candidates in the running to take over the title are Patricia Callaghan, Paul Keeney and Bernard McGlinchey.

Voting will take place at St John’s Bosco Centre between 11am and 7pm today and is open to anyone living in the Donegal Town Electoral Area and aged over 16. It’s also open to all paid up members of the Donegal Town Community Chamber as of 31st December 2008.

Congratulations to the winner, and I wish you success in representing the town, and dealing with the many issues the town has.

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