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Packie Bonner might run for MEP for Fianna Fail, and some people don't think it's a great idea.
A sitting Fianna Fail MEP in the North West, Sean O Neachtain, has likened Packie Bonner, a potential party colleague in June's European elections, to Dana, and described him as a “parachute candidate”.

Bonner, the former Ireland goalkeeper and current Football Association of Ireland technical director, is being courted by Fianna Fail members to join the party’s North West ticket. Bonner initially said he was not interested but party sources say he is now considering running.

“I have great regard for Packie Bonner saving goals but I don’t know how that would transfer to being a politician in the European parliament,” said O Neachtain.

From FF's point of view picking a candidate with a well known name will get the votes, but then when the candidate wins what does he do? Does he know the issues, the problems ... Does Packie have the skills to be an MEP? ;) On the other hand, sometimes the best politicans are people who aren't politicans.

Sinn Fein had their selection convention in Dom's Pier 1 last weekend weekend:
Jim McLaughlin is expected to be selected as the party’s candidate to contest this June’s local elections.

Tomorrow’s event will also be tinged with sadness. The late Mayor of Ballyshannon, Clr PJ Branley had been confirmed as the Sinn Féin candidate in the Donegal Electoral Area last October.

Just a month later, Clr Branley and Sinn Féin party member, Dessie Larkin were tragically killed in a road accident on N15 Ballyshannon to Donegal Town Road.

I'm not sure what day it was on. Be nice if OceanFM dated their articles.

The Times has an unflattering article on Mary Coughlan, unlike the interview with her in The Irish Times in January.
Despite her gaffes, Coughlan is retaining the support of Donegal people who chaired her across the county boundary after her elevation as tanaiste. Michael Daly, editor of the Donegal Democrat, believes about 50%-60% of the criticism is justified but the rest is the prejudice of Dublin media. “A lot of journalists in Dublin believe she’s fair game. She did get her facts wrong and she was rapped over that. But it’s almost as if people have been trying her out and waiting for her to respond,” he said. He concedes that locals expect her to deliver a major job-creating project to Donegal. Unemployment in the county is running at 20%.

They also make some smart-alex remarks about being from a rural background, as if that would make a difference. Mary deserves some of the criticism they lay are her feet, because as Tanaiste she doesn't just represent Donegal, but the country. However, from a Donegal perspective, Donegal has needed jobs for a long time, even during the Celtic Tiger Donegal had one of the highest unemployment rates in the nations. And now it's getting worse. The Tanaiste is from Donegal and Donegal has feck all jobs.

Donegal Hot Tub company in hot water!
A Donegal swimming pool and hot tub company has said it will strongly defend attempts by an Australian spa company to wind it up for allegedly failing to pay a debt ...

Ballyshannon townspeople annoyed that can't vote in town elections as they're technically outside of the voting district:
Due to electoral boundaries, Lawne Park and Highfield residents will not have a say in who will be taking a town council seat although those who live up to six miles outside Ballyshannon are eligible to vote.

And they're worried about kids jumping off the new bridge into the water, now that's a 40ft drop. Methinks someone in Ballyshannon will be getting a Darwin Award?
Fears have been voiced that a landmark Ballyshannon bridge has become an attraction for thrill-seeking daredevils.

Footage of teens jumping off the Aodh Rua bridge forty feet into the river Erne below has surfaced on internet site YouTube ...

Its prompted calls from Ballyshannon Town Council to up security along the bridge’s pedestarian walkway ...

This week’s meeting of Ballyshannon Town Council was told there are currently 23 lights out of action on the Aodh Rua bridge.

I'll let ye guess why the lights are broken. OK, here's a a clue: kids.

And there's a lot of good secondary schools in the county:
In the list of the country’s top 400 secondary schools, 10 are in Donegal, 8 are in Sligo, with 5 in Leitrim.

The AVS wasn't on the list. :( I was looking for a pic of the AVS to put at the end of this posting, but I didn't have one handy. Instead, here's "Boys 1st year 1979" at the Old tech! :)

Boys 1st year 19791st Year 1979 at the AVS

I posted the pics a few years ago too:

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