Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Donegal Adventure Center has a wee concert scheduled soon:
... next weekend, we have what I think is the best weekend we’ve ever put together. IGLU AND HARTLY are playing a once-off Surf Rock in the Chasin’ Bull, - the band are keen surfers, and added on a Chasin’ Bull gig cos I asked them to.. If you are into your music, please snap up a ticket for this - the tickets are only 20 euro, there won’t be more than 250 people at the gig, I know it’s gonna be one of those gigs that will be legend. The IGLU & HARTLY boys are staying in town to go surfing, and on Saturday night, the Bull is home to local surf rockers INUENDO and also the surfchixxx (that’s me and Onya) are celebrating their birthday! It’s gonna be a great atmosphere & a great weekend.

Donegal Civil Servants are annoyed:
Members of the Civil and Public Service Union are picketing government buildings.

Lower paid government workers claim they stand to lose between 40 to 60 euros per week that they cannot afford.


Frieda Neilis is Chairperson of the Letterkenny CPSU branch - She says while members are aware of the economic situation, they will not tolerate a combination of pension levy and witheld pay increases which will cost many of them over 40 euro a week.

I heard through the grapevine that for some lower paid civil servants it might make sense to go on the dole as they'll get paid more if this levy goes through.

Udaras na Gaeltachta will be holding meetings around the county, I presume this only applies if your in a Gaeltachta area? And no word about where and when these meetings will be?
Members of the public are being urged to attend to make their views known on how state organisations like Udaras can support the Donegal public as the unemployment figures for the county continue to rise.

And 62 jobs lost at a bus company that Udaras attracted to the Donegal Gaeltachta:
Earlier today the Údarás announced a a support package consisting of capital and training grants for a Kilcar-based company, Cuan Tamhnaigh Teo, which produces carpets for aeroplanes and a fabric and upholstery finishing service for the aviation industry.

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Mick T. said...

More on Udaras:

"A survival plan must be put in place in Donegal as unemployment escalates."

Good to see someone's concerned about the unemployment situation.