Monday, March 02, 2009

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People in Co. Donegal have a much lower disposable income rate compared to the rest of the country. Which is an interesting way of saying, people in Donegal get paid crap or are on the dole:
Figures published today by the Central Statistics Office show that disposable income per head in Donegal was 17,252 euro in 2006, just over 83% of the state average of almost 21,000 euro ... Total income per person in Donegal was 20,399 euro just over 79% of the state average of 25,728. Indeed, Donegal was the only county to have a total per person income of less than 21,000 euro.

Activist suggests Derry & Donegal Councils coordinate recycling efforts:
Plans to close two recycling centres at Brandywell and Eglinton as part of a plan to minimise rates increases have angered community groups in the city ... but Sean McMonagle of the Triax Neighbourhood Management Team says given that many Donegal people use the Brandywell site, it's time for officials to enter into discussions with colleagues across the border.

Restrictions on jetski's in Donegal waters. I think this is to minimize the wake created by jetskis which contribute to serious erosion, and to stop the feckin' noise of these yokes bothering the hole of people who live close to the shoreline. Also, a lot of stupid plonkers go way too fast in shallow waters and get into accidents (this earning themselves a Darwin Award).
Jet skis are to be banned from coming within 300 metres of Donegal's Coast, and must keep their speed inside that to less than five knots. That's just one of a number of new bye laws which are to introduced by Donegal County Council over the coming months in an attempt to make our beaches safer.

Buglaries on the rise in the Northern part of the county?
A shop and a pub were broken into in the Castlefinn area, with further garda investigations to take place this morning ... tackle what has been described as spate of crime in the county in recent weeks.

The issue was raised in the Seanad by Senator Pearse Doherty who was told that garda numbers have been boosted in the county in recent times to 485 ... that in areas recently witness to an increase in crime, additonal gardai have been redployed and that extra marked and unmarked patrols are taking place.

However, the Gardai just arrested 3 men in Bunbeg for
The men, aged between 18 and 22 years, were arrested at three separate locations in the greater Bunbeg area on Sunday afternoon. A shotgun and a pistol were also recovered. Irish police said the arrests were part of an investigation into crime in west Donegal.
More at OceanFM:

Minister for the Gaeltachta claims that objectors are hindering development. How about this, why don't you promote development that abides by local & national standards, doesn't spoilt the existing appearance of our towns and countryside, and waste tax-payers money for short-term gain? And have the developers work with the council planners, instead of the haphazard development we have today? People often object for very good reasons!
The Minister for Rural and Gaeltachta affairs has said infrastructural development in Donegal is being hindered because of objections and disputes.

Colm Kelly, a former publican in Frosses, was interviewed for a radio documentary recently:
Former Licensed Vintners’ Association chairman in Donegal, Colm Kelly, features this weekend in a radio documentary on why pubs have been closing down across Ireland. Colm ran his family’s pub in Frosses for 26 years before shutting it down. He took it over from his father who opened it in 1928. Colm tells Newstalk 106-108FM: “It took me three years to realise I should no longer be a publican.”
... He will tell listeners in the recorded interview: “Frosses is known as a town where people on one side of the road don’t speak to those on the other side. That’s because one side of the road is a graveyard.”

If anyone get's a legit copy of this, let me know so I can post it, or link to it on the blog.
UPDATE: Thanks to taung who found the podcast (see the comments below).
Grap a copy soon as they probably don't keep available for more than a few months.


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Mick, The programme that Colm Kelly appeared on is "Different Voices: Have you no homes to go to? Part 2" and will be stored on the following podcast site over the next couple of days;

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