Monday, March 02, 2009

Donegal IT Firm

Donegal Tech Firm based in Letterkeny is in the news:
Over 500 users have signed up for a new SME productivity technology developed by a Donegal software company that enables companies to reduce their communications costs and boost collaboration.

Nvolve Limited, which was recently shortlisted as a finalist for the Small Firms Association’s Innovation Award, will be going live with its product in March. consists of three tools that will help companies remove costs from and grow any business by improving the performance and knowledge-sharing capabilities of staff.

The three tools consist of Peachy Connect, Peachy Performer and Peachy Learner.

Peachy Connect allows companies to communicate for free via telephone calls, videoconferencing, screen-sharing and collaboration to all related parties, internal and external, of the business.

Lads, I hope it goes well and ye are able to stay in Donegal and keep expanding.

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