Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow on Barnes!

In contrast to Strabanephoto's great photo of the sun setting over Barnes, Mark hauled his ass all the way up Barnes to take this great shot of the blowing snow, clouds, and windmills:

Barnesmore Mountain 2
I think that would have been a great hike to do; at the top have a bit of Coco with a wee nip of Brandy to fortify ye for the walk down, then maybe stopping at Biddy's to warm up by the fire and have a wee glass of stout.

This is such a great pic that I decided to put in the banner at top of the blog (Feb 2009). For more of Mark's photpgraphy see his photo-blog at:
Or his Flickr photo-stream at:

This photo has so much blue, that it didn't go well with the green theme we'd been using, so I also changed the theme so it wouldn't clash with Mark's photograph. Let me know if you like the new theme and if we should keep it or revert to the previous green theme.

The previous photograph I used was one I took (with Jeannie's camera) when I was home in December:


Jeannie said...

Oh Mick I love it's magical.And it also serves as a reminder for these changing times.

Jeannie xx

Razmondo said...

Hi ya Mick.. Looks the buisness... I love it !! It was long overdue a re vamp. Marks jaunt up the mountain, paid off.. really great photo. Keep snapping & spread the love :)It ST Vals Day.. no time to sit on laptop.. romance or death !!

DonegalGirly said...

Fabulous picture

Mick T. said...

Thanks to Mark for the great pic, and the 4 hour hike he spend on Barnes! :)

Anonymous said...

this is an amazing photo, it really is magical as jeannie said.