Saturday, February 14, 2009


Looks like the Lough Folyle Ferry isn't going to getting funding from the Gov and may have to stop service:
The car ferry, which plies between Greencastle in Co Donegal and the Northern Ireland side of the Foyle, at Magilligan in Co Londonderry, looks to be facing closure this summer if €300,000 isn't found.
More news about people heading North, this time for petrol:
Supermarket giant Tesco say they’ve never seen anything like the current demand with cars queueing up to get their petrol at the Lisnagelvin base. And surprisingly some of the vehicles are from Donegal.
And many County Councils are going to be letting staff go, Donegal will be losing 238:
Those hit hardest include Donegal County Council, where 238 temporary contracts due to expire in December 2008, 2009 or early 2010 will not be renewed, and Kildare County Council, where 108 people on temporary contracts will become unemployed by the end of 2009.
And even Mary Couglan's personal trainer is facing problems, he's got so few clients that he's emigrating:
... He added: “The T├ínaiste is the one person who kept me going for quite a long time because of the wonderful exposure she gave me. I’m very grateful for that.”

Mr Coyle said he was having a week of talks with prospective employers in hotels with leisure facilities. He said he was aware there was also an economic downturn in Spain, but reckoned there were still opportunities for somebody with his expertise. If he clinches a job, he plans to move to Spain full-time in April.

He described the Tánaiste as one of his most dedicated clients.

“I could not have got a nicer or more committed person to train than Mary Coughlan. From day one, there were no airs or graces with her. We trained around the Minister’s busy schedule, on occasions from 7am until she departed for Dublin the same day.”

And Customs have seized over 90,000 liters of fuel that was being smuggled over the border (the article doesn't say if the fuels was going to the North or the Republic):

I guess we'll save the good news for last! Five Donegal boxers have made it to the National Finals (none from Donegal Town):
Five Donegal boxers stormed through their quarter-finals at the National Stadium on Friday and Saturday with excellent performances to reach the seniors semi-finals next weekend.

Cathal McAuley (Dungloe), Michael McLoughlin (Carndonagh), Willie McLoughlin (Illies GG), Stephen O'Reilly (Twin Towns) and John Sweeney (Dungloe) all progressed in style to the last four in their weight divisions.

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