Tuesday, February 10, 2009


And some good news! The Donegal Tenors from Donegal Town were on RTE's "All Ireland Talent Show" on Sunday the 8th! I wish I'd know in advance as I'd encouraged you all to go vote for them! Anyways, well done to Eamonn Gillespie, Paul Martin, Pat Doherty and Paddy Keaney:

Wans are even popping across the border for a haircut. The wan mentioned in the article has her own fashion shop in the county and she pops across to Belfast for the day and a haircut. This just shows how bad things are, and how the VAT differences between Eire and NI ain't helping anyone:
"It would cost me up to €150 (£131) to get my hair restyled and dyed in Donegal, while it will be under £100 in Belfast. Even with the petrol, it's still worthwhile coming over to Northern Ireland," said Rodden, as she waited at Andrew Mulvenna's salon in central Belfast."I enjoy coming up to Belfast and getting pampered for the day. I would say about half of my friends now choose to cross the border and get their hair done. Most of them drive to Derry for the day because it's closer ...

And even The Cope has to let people go:

The Cope' has confirmed 15 redundancies and temporary lay-offs among its staff of 155 in Dungloe, Co Donegal.

And Donegal roads are amongst the most dangerous in the country (or maybe it's some of the reckless drivers that are the problem):
Rural counties fared the worst for accidents especisally border counties with the findings suggesting the reasons behind the high accident rate include drink driving, speeding and performing car tricks.

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