Saturday, February 07, 2009


Sorry for the lapse in news! :) As I'm sure you know there's been snow! And Dublin airport is back to normal but many roads are still dangerous:

Car buyers are heading to Derry:
I was talking to someone, over Xmas, who works for a car dealer in the county and he was saying they had one sale for Decemeber, and none for the New Year.

The EU is investigating mainteance of roads by the various County Councils:
Their investigation stems from a petition submitted by Sean Farren whose daughter Sinead died after her car went out of control on a section of road undergoing resurfacing work that was left unfinished near Culdaff in Co Donegal in June 2001.

The County Council has tried to bad travelers from parking in Stranorlar & Ballybofey, but found out they legally cannot:

Former Donegal County Captain in trouble for threatening Sky News Journalist (Sky has journalists?):
The judge said he did not think the threats would have been carried out as Molloy was taking out his anger on Sky, not on Mr Moloney.

Single men on the Dole in the North get €68, and some of them are also claiming in Donegal and other parts of the Republic where they can get up to €205!
TD Joe McHugh ... noted that "the exchange rate offers a real incentive'' to fraudsters. He said the "current lax regulation'' means "fellows who are living in Derry can get the address of a cousin in Donegal and a utility bill, claim away and go back home across the Border'.'

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