Monday, February 16, 2009

Donegal Town girl, Irish Army Lieutenant, and Miss Ireland Contestant

Donegal Town girl, Irish Army Lieutenant, and Miss Ireland contestant may have been sexually assaulted:
The army had ordered Lt McBarron (23) back to Aiken Barracks, Dundalk, after a stint in Dublin.

But now it has been revealed that the beautiful young officer from Donegal had reported being sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier in the Dundalk installation.

The Irish Defence Forces confirmed that a full military investigation had been carried out into the former Miss Ireland contestant’s allegation.

The Irish army said it had not proceeded with the case for lack of evidence.

Friends insist Ms McBarron, originally from from Donegal Town, is committed to a career in the Republic’s defence forces, but is distraught at having to return to Aiken Barracks ...

Friends said the young lieutenant is apprehensive about returning to the scene of the alleged assault.

“Collette would love to give her side of the story about the transfer but as a serving officer it is prohibited to speak to the media.

“She's not allowed to say anything. She wants to tell everyone her side of the story but she can't,” Christina added.

We wish her well, and hope everything goes well for her.

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