Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Brides and Groom's are amongst the shoppers heading North:
Shops along the Northern Ireland side of the border will happily take it on a like-for-like basis, meaning a huge influx of people from the Republic doing everything from grocery to furniture shopping. When it comes to spending a lot of money - like a wedding - then the savings can be enormous.

This also means all the NI visitors aren't coming south or west to Donegal! And the price of drink is probably cheaper across the border. Can ye still smoke in pubs there too?

And the Indo says that some Donegal County Councillors missed up to 14 of the 18 meetings they have in a year!
Just a third of the country's elected county and city councillors, who earn an average of €33,000 in wages, allowances and expenses each year, attended all of their council meetings last year.

Despite the fact that the average council only sat 18 times in 2008 some councillors missed as many as 14 full council meetings in 2008.

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