Wednesday, January 21, 2009

News (finally)

I've a wile rake of news to catch up, but here's load of stuff that hit the headlines over Christmas (while I was home without internet access) and the start of January. First the good or nice news!

Christine celebrated her birthday:
Nice article about Martin O'Boyle from Mountcharles, his father who builds boats, and how he and his brother rowed down the Shannon and other inland waterways for charity:
And Donegal is the Gem of the North-West!
Donegal has the highest rate of new housing being build in the country during the 3rd quarter of 2008:
Nice article about Mary Coughlan, with the way the economy is going it might be one of the last nice ones, not that she is to blame for the current state of and the past economic excesses. I think this is worth reading as she does give Donegal a lot of praise:
Arranmore ferry expansion:
60 jobs for the Gaeltacht over the next 2 years:
BBC's "In Pictures" had one of Rossnowlagh (see the 2nd picture). Well done Roy Fisher! :)

Following by the usual dismal stuff!
Bad storms:
Thiefs fail to hotwire tractor and steal pony instead:
The roads are falling apart:
Jobs let go:
Ye can't build a smart economy on dumb decisions:
The house of the (Derry) man who was shot at (and whose dog was killed by the gunmen) was burned down:
Restrictions on fishing in some rivers:
Fish found dead in Buncrana river:
And that church that was vandalised in Newtowncunningham was vandalised yet again!
Inquest into death of local man (who died whilst at the Bog Hotel):
HSE files of patients from Donegal Hospitals found on a Derry Street:
Search around Inishowen coast for missing doctor:
Controvery over Gaelige "Stop" signs:

Expect regular updates! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I'm moving my blog to a new website at the moment, so the link to the Stop signs As Gaeilge article should be updated to link to

Gerard Cunningham

Mick T. said...

Link updated! Thanks for comment Gerard. I also added your blog to the links section. :)