Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Enniskillen Rally

If your going to Enniskillen to watch the rally tomorrow (Thursday Jan 28th 2008) or even driving through the town, The Fermanagh Herald has information about times and road closing and so on:
Police ask all road users to accept that the reason behind the restrictions in access, parking and diversions is to ensure that this excellent opportunity for Enniskillen to promote itself is fully availed of. We want this to be a successful event and are working to achieve this.

Road users are asked to be patient. Anyone who can avoid Enniskillen is asked to do so. Anyone who wishes to attend the event is encouraged to do so. Extensive parking is available in the entire town Car Parks with the exception of Cross Street. Motorists are encouraged to use the normal parking spaces. Depending on the volume of spectators, some people may find themselves walking a short distance.

And see the BBC for a video about the Rally and shows up Enniskillen:

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