Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rally Music!

The rally is on this weekend, and while your at it, go see Pavesi playing on the main stage at 5pm on Sunday.

For info about the rally see:

Saturday's route is covered here.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Big car chase and arrest as man refuses to stop at Gardai checkpoint near Keys at Laghy:
A 23 year old man was arrested in Donegal on Monday evening following a Garda chase when he refused to stop at a checkpoint.

The driver from the Donegal town area rammed a patrol car when he failed to stop at Keys in Laghey.

A 20 minute chase ensued resulting in the car being abandoned at Greenans in Lough Eske.

Bus Eireann's cut-backs may affect routes that route through Enniskillen:
Currently, the Bus Eireann network serving Enniskillen includes four daily routes to Sligo, three to Cavan, nine to Dublin and nine to Donegal Town, with various passenger stops at locations throughout the county along the route ... Therefore, one of the factors determining how the Fermanagh routes will be affected is the number of passengers using specific routes. Where there is a low level of supply, such networks are expected to be examined closely.

If you use any of these route frequently you may want to keep an eye on this. Or someone should start looking at getting funds for cross-border development that might encourage Bus Eireann to keep these routes.

The Lifford Army Barracks is closing for the last time and the troops moved to Finner:
... Lifford bid a sad farewell yesterday to the military troops of Lifford Barracks who marched for the last time from the old Border post.

Over 1,000 people turned out to watch the 129 members of the A company, 28th Infantry Battalion, stage a marching-out ceremony at 11am, with a ceremonial lowering of the Tricolour and military parade afterwards.

The Mayor of Donegal, Councillor Gerry Crawford, a native of Lifford, said it was a significant and sad day for the town.

“It’s not just a loss for the economy of Lifford and the surrounding areas, but it’s also a loss to the community because of the part personnel have played in the community for over 30 years . . . they’ve been good to the community and the community has been good to them.”

With the economy the way it is, no-one will buy the barracks, they'll rot for 10 years, then the Government will spend a tonnes of money renovating them when they release that they need a military presence on the border ...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

News & Stuff

Invest in Donegal, so says Sir Gerry Robinson; a Donegal man & former Granada TV head
The 60-year-old millionaire businessman delivered his message in an online newsletter produced by Donegal County Council and e-mailed to almost 1,000 Donegal exiles across the globe.

He suggested that with high-tech communications making possible the location of certain businesses any where in Donegal, business people abroad could have a base in their home county.

The Lough Foyle Ferry that runs from County Derry to County Donegal has suffered losses and may be facing funding issues:
It is used by both commuters and tourists and takes 15 minutes to cross the one-mile stretch of water.

However, it lost €56,000 last year and could be facing losses of more than €200,000 this year.

The SDLP is calling on the Northern Executive and the Irish Government to step in and rescue the service from collapse.

The one thing they don't say is that it can save people a long drive if they have to get to North Derry to Northern Inishowen.

And if your a fan of Donegal Fiddle music, head over to Ardara in May!
Cup of Tae continues this year with its famous schools of music in Fiddle, Flute, Whistle, Accordion, Piano, Concertina and Singing. Cup of Tae festival is quite unique and this is evident by the huge volume of musicians from all over Ireland and abroad that can be seen playing anywhere in this popular village. If you haven’t been to the Cup of Tae, no words here will give it justice you must visit.
For more info and schedules see (which will be updated with 2009 info real soon now):

Enniskillen Rally

If your going to Enniskillen to watch the rally tomorrow (Thursday Jan 28th 2008) or even driving through the town, The Fermanagh Herald has information about times and road closing and so on:
Police ask all road users to accept that the reason behind the restrictions in access, parking and diversions is to ensure that this excellent opportunity for Enniskillen to promote itself is fully availed of. We want this to be a successful event and are working to achieve this.

Road users are asked to be patient. Anyone who can avoid Enniskillen is asked to do so. Anyone who wishes to attend the event is encouraged to do so. Extensive parking is available in the entire town Car Parks with the exception of Cross Street. Motorists are encouraged to use the normal parking spaces. Depending on the volume of spectators, some people may find themselves walking a short distance.

And see the BBC for a video about the Rally and shows up Enniskillen:

First Flower of the Year

Caputured (on camera) by Donegal Wildlife:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Brides and Groom's are amongst the shoppers heading North:
Shops along the Northern Ireland side of the border will happily take it on a like-for-like basis, meaning a huge influx of people from the Republic doing everything from grocery to furniture shopping. When it comes to spending a lot of money - like a wedding - then the savings can be enormous.

This also means all the NI visitors aren't coming south or west to Donegal! And the price of drink is probably cheaper across the border. Can ye still smoke in pubs there too?

And the Indo says that some Donegal County Councillors missed up to 14 of the 18 meetings they have in a year!
Just a third of the country's elected county and city councillors, who earn an average of €33,000 in wages, allowances and expenses each year, attended all of their council meetings last year.

Despite the fact that the average council only sat 18 times in 2008 some councillors missed as many as 14 full council meetings in 2008.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Playboy of the Western World (1982?)

Jeannie, me sister, came across 2 pages from the AVS's 1982 or 1983 year book, which she scanned and e-mailed to me. The 2 pages are a write-up of someone's experiences in the production of "The Playboy of the Western World", a play by J.M. Synge. I think the year was 1982 or 1983, the producer was Tony Breen, and the essay was written by Caroline Faulkner and Karen Stewart Girls 4B!

The full page is below, and here's a cropped version of the cast's photograph (click on it for a bigger size):
Back Row:
Conor Reid, James Lawne, Shane Gallagher, Pj Dunlevy, Mick Timony (Meself), Damien Cranwell, Paul Hone, Seamus Carr, & Anthony Rowley.
In the front row I can make out all the faces, nor remember all the names:
Cathy Kerrigan, Clare Boyle, Deborah Cranwell, Caroline Faulkner, Bernie O'Neill, Peggy Ward, & Karen Stewart.

And below is the first page, click on it for the full-sized version (it's a big image):

I'll post the 2nd page sometime in the future, and I'll talk some more about the play and what I remember. And if anyone has the 3rd and final pages it be great to get a copy.

What was the book called? Fear Feasa?

Update: Thanks to Damien for some more names!
Update 2: The rest of the article:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Diamond, Jan 2008:

The Monument, Donegal Town.

A bit more sun and less snow than this year? :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lough Eske Pic

In case your wondering, the photograph at the top of the page (as per Jan 2009) was one I took with Jeannie's camera while we were on a walk around Lough Eske. Know I stupidly left me own camera charging on the counter in my flat in Boston, when I rushed off to the airport on me trip home.

Looking out at beautiful Lough Eske and Blue Stack mountains / whose colours are gloriously different every day.We were chasing the last rays of sunshine.
The previous picture was of Carol Singers on the Diamond on Christmas Eve:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

News (finally)

I've a wile rake of news to catch up, but here's load of stuff that hit the headlines over Christmas (while I was home without internet access) and the start of January. First the good or nice news!

Christine celebrated her birthday:
Nice article about Martin O'Boyle from Mountcharles, his father who builds boats, and how he and his brother rowed down the Shannon and other inland waterways for charity:
And Donegal is the Gem of the North-West!
Donegal has the highest rate of new housing being build in the country during the 3rd quarter of 2008:
Nice article about Mary Coughlan, with the way the economy is going it might be one of the last nice ones, not that she is to blame for the current state of and the past economic excesses. I think this is worth reading as she does give Donegal a lot of praise:
Arranmore ferry expansion:
60 jobs for the Gaeltacht over the next 2 years:
BBC's "In Pictures" had one of Rossnowlagh (see the 2nd picture). Well done Roy Fisher! :)

Following by the usual dismal stuff!
Bad storms:
Thiefs fail to hotwire tractor and steal pony instead:
The roads are falling apart:
Jobs let go:
Ye can't build a smart economy on dumb decisions:
The house of the (Derry) man who was shot at (and whose dog was killed by the gunmen) was burned down:
Restrictions on fishing in some rivers:
Fish found dead in Buncrana river:
And that church that was vandalised in Newtowncunningham was vandalised yet again!
Inquest into death of local man (who died whilst at the Bog Hotel):
HSE files of patients from Donegal Hospitals found on a Derry Street:
Search around Inishowen coast for missing doctor:
Controvery over Gaelige "Stop" signs:

Expect regular updates! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Down at the Forge

Sorry for the lapses in blogging. There's a tonne of news article I need to wade through and post, expect to see some of them later this week.

Whilst I was at home the sis and I went down to the Forge for a few pints of plain after doing some shopping at SuperValu. Joe poured a couple of nice pints (and he almost forgot the 1st one), and there was a load of wans in watching the match. We sat down the back opposite the auld range, the sis Jeannie took the pic below, and Joe had the pub nicely decorated for Christmas. Good to see Rory behind the bar too. :)

Originally uploaded by my_angel_toes

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daisy Cottage

Catherine has a really nice blog about renovating her cottage named "Daisy Cottage" in Dunkineely:

The first posting is here and you can work your way forward to the present day if your interested.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Planting Trees

From Jeannie:

Bringing Back Our Natural Forests,online,sustainable, woodland ...
"The Sustainable Landuse Company" is dedicated to planting trees on your behalf in Co. Donegal. Every £20 sponsored will be transformed into a growing tree. ...

Lough Eske Path

Friday, January 09, 2009

Vote Pavesi!

If your a Pavesi fan go to and vote for the lads! U gotta be over 13. If they get enough votes they may get funding to produce an album. So go vote!

Pavesi TV on MUZU.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Carol Singers on the Diamond

I'm back (or away) after me Christmas home! I forgot me camera, left it on the kitchen counter charging, so I have very few pics to show. But, the one above (as of Jan 2008) and posted below is from the Carol Singers on the Diamond on Christmas Eve during the market on the Diamond. I took it with me camera-phone (a Sony-Ericsson W580i):

Carol Singers on Christmas Eve

Also, you can browse various pics of the town and area on this Flickr map here people have mapped their pics:

Been busy/tired since I got back, I'll post some updates later in the week.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Friday, January 02, 2009

Donegal Pics

Various pics taken in and around Donegal Town by the sister:

Tirconaill st even more beautiful in winter/Donegal 9 Revlon /Donegal Town 15