Friday, December 12, 2008

Water from Lough Derg destined for Dublin?

Jeannie sent me on this, in Dublin's quest for more drinking water as in some years time there will be critical shortages. Dublin had been considering tapping the Shannon for future supplies, and then Lough Ree. Now they're considering Lough Dearg, not the one on the Shannon, but the one in Donegal:
A final decision has yet to be taken but the extraction and storage of water from Lough Derg for use in the capital came up trumps on three of the six criteria examined. It is also considered that the infrastructure involved would have no significant impact on habitats in the area. I suspect that local interests might not agree although nobody doubts that water for Dublin and its inhabitants has to be found somewhere.

Had anyone heard anything about this?

Thanks to Pitmatic for the pic! :)
Lough Derg Cross of Saint Patrick Island

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Anonymous said...

Ah god I hope people speak out , other wise that beautiful sacred place will surely never be the same.