Friday, December 19, 2008

Time to promote the town a wee bit! If your shopping make sure you check out Donegal Town shops for locally made goods and try and help support Donegal and the North West. Also, the Craft Village always has some good and interesting crafts people selling locally made goods.

And if you don't find anything you like, pop in say hello to Johnny McCabe and ask him when Pavesi's next gig is. And then stop over at Tom's Aroma Coffee shop and have a really great slice of Orange Cake and a cuppa tae or coffee (their Americano coffee's really good). Now don't all rush out there at the same time, as I plan to drop in there on Tuesday or Wednesday, if you see me say hello, just leave me a feckin' piece of Orange cake would ye.

As I'll be at home you not going to see much activity on the blog as I'll be busy enjoying a Donegal Christmas and won't be on the inner-tubes or interweaves or what it's called. ;)

So, ho, ho, ho, and a Merry, Safe, Enjoyable, Happy, Fulfilling, Sound, Mighty, Great Craic, Fantastic, Christmas and New Year's to you.


PS: Speaking of shops, anyone know of a better listing of Donegal Town shops that the 3 I linked to in the first line?

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