Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Fears of heroin in rural areas with Killybegs being mentioned as a "hot" spot:
A brief survey by the Sunday Independent last week indicated that north Donegal appears to be one of the few places that heroin had not taken hold ... Fishing towns and villages are being hit by the drug, as young men involved in the fishing industry, from Killybegs in Donegal to Duncannon in Wexford, appear particularly badly affected.

Fear-mongering or a real problem?

Donegal man to try and live without money for a year:
Starting tomorrow, Boyle, now living in Bristol, plans to "put his potatoes where his mouth is" and become the ultimate "freeconomist", living entirely off the land and the waste products of society. Fuelled by unshakeable idealism - and his conviction that money really is the root of all evil, or at least the root cause of the profligate wastefulness of society - Boyle is determined to complete this seemingly impossible experiment.

Financial regulator says YOU could save up to 400e on your house insurance:
Consumers can save up to €400 a year by shopping around for home insurance, according to the latest cost comparison from the Financial Regulator.

Homeowners can also avail of a wide range of discounts on insurance by providing as much information as possible, the regulator has advised.

Mary O’Dea, consumer director, said consumers may not be aware of the range of discounts available from some companies. These include discounts: for having no previous claims, or being claims-free for five years; if someone over 50 is living in the house; for non-smokers; having an alarm; and having home and motor insurance with the same company.

Go to http://itsyourmoney.ie for more details, and the Irish Times has more coverage

The HSE had provided funding that was used to pay for screening with a Belfast based charity. This has been pulled and will be replaced with a service called BreastCheck later in 2009.


... " We provided additional appointments over and above our appointments to Northern Ireland women – our core service users - to assist the HSE to meet the needs of some Donegal women as an interim arrangement. We appreciate that news that the service has been withdrawn by the HSE will come as a disappointment to many women in Donegal."
Local TD Joe McHugh said this was just another example of the promised 'integrated health service' between North and South simply not happening.
He commented: "Action Cancer provided a service for women, irrespective of age. It was a great service in that the strategy was based on early detection. BreastCheck is to be rolled out next year but unless you are a woman aged between 40-54 you will not be screened. There will be many women outside this age group who will be very concerned about this decision."

More coverage from the Irish Times.

And more on the budget crunch stuff, 2 Coast Guard stations will not be closed:
Malin Head and Valentia Coast Guard stations have been saved from threatened closure.
More from the Indo:
Fianna Fáil TD Cecilia Keaveney campaigned to keep the coastguard station open.

She said: "The people recognised how important this facility was, and it was terribly important as a signal from the government as to whether there was a future for Inishowen and the wider Donegal area.

"If they were going to close down something because it was impossible to upgrade it then that was going to be a terribly bad sign for our infrastructure."

And Arranmore's lifeboat station celebrated 150 years of service:
The crew of the Arranmore lifeboat spent Saturday out at sea on a training exercise and at 6am yesterday morning they responded to a medical emergency, fetching a doctor from the mainland to attend to a sick person on the island.

But by yesterday afternoon it was the turn of the 560 islanders to show up and demonstrate their appreciation for the voluntary service, which was established on the island in 1883 with funding from a Dublin clergyman who requested that a lifeboat station be established on the coast of Donegal.

Last year the boat was launched 51 times and 55 lives were saved making it the busiest lifeboat station in Ireland.


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