Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miller's Hill Development!

Looks like Michael Kelly's development on Miller's Hill (behind the car park) is really taking a chunk out of Miller's Hill. Anyone remember sledging down the hill in the winter-time (on fertlizer bags)?

Thanks to Mark Fearon Photographer on Flickr for the pic:

Big hole in Donegal


taung said...

I don't that Michael Kelly's development is actually taking place on Miller's Hill. I think it's a wee bit west of Miller's Hill. It's the field right behind the Garda Station on one side and right behind Kelly's own house on the other side.

There were rumours going around that the development had been halted but these appear to have been nothing more than rumours.

Some of Kelly's own buildings now appear to be very precarious; the excavation work means that these building are effectively on a cliff edge.

He's going to need one hell of a "retaining wall" to make sure that the entire hill doesn't collapse/slide!

For sledging I alway's preferred Johnnie Ward's hill to Miller's hill!

Mick T. said...

Hi taung,

Yeah I think your right, it's not on Miller's Hill proper, but it's close enough! :)

The rumours might just be because of the state of the economy, people are seeing building slowing down, and expect the same thing to happen with this development.

About the retaining wall, well I was think that, that slope is a bit of a odd place for a big development, let's hope there's no problems with it.

Where's Johnnie Ward's hill?

taung said...

Johnnie Ward's hill? Up behind the old "Tech"....Mr. Ward still owns the big house up at the top of the hill....,-8.114444&spn=0.004115,0.009656&t=h&z=17&msid=100611599647851994479.00045dc5ca51f10cd4fa9

Mick T. said...

Ahhh, now I now. Yup I think I went down there a few times, just had to watch out for traffic! :)

Razmondo said...

I remember years ago, sledging Millers Hill at night time along with Nicky Browne and his cousins Greg Browne and Johnny Graham.. Greg's job was to stand at the drain at the bottom of the hill and shine a torch on a make shift bridge crossing the opening. On my decent things were going well until my approach to the drain at high speed and relying on Greg's guidance with the torch.. Disaster struck when he was spooked by a rattle in the bushes and diverted the light to check out his fears..I thought I was sent for! As I headed into darkness with no direction and went from 50mph to 0mph disappearing into the hole.. I eventually emerged in a mangled mess of wood, steel and a bit worse for the wear.I was like a scene Johnny Knoxville's crazy videos.. and one I would never repeat..!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh what about the hill on the way to ballydevit where the holy well was/is,(I wonder is the well still there)I rem as a kid going to the top and hurling myself rolling down that. God I couldn't concieve of doing such a thing as an adult,I'd be worried about breaking my glasses,but the sense of freedom and adventure we had as kids was just wonderful.Now most kids just sit indoors.

Mick T. said...

I think I remember where that well was, it wasn't too far out the Ballydevitt road on the left and the field had a pretty big hill.

Then there's the big hill out in Ballydevitt past the school that was great for sleding as you could sledge on the road. I never did it, but I think I remember Colm Byrne and Benny Bush tearing down it once.