Thursday, November 20, 2008

Special Needs Rally

Thanks to Christina for sending this on to me. There's to be a rally in Donegal Town on Saturday Nov 29th to protest budget cuts in schools in Donegal. Read more at the Donegal Post:

The rally is being held in Donegal Town on Saturday, 29 November 29 to support the Irish National Teacher’s Organisation (INTO) in a major campaign seeking the immediate withdrawal of the education cuts in primary education.
The INTO has said they will cover the costs of any buses provided for the journey to the rally ...

... Sean Ruddy, Sinn Féin’s candidate for North Inishowen has come out in support of the Irish National Teachers Organisation (INTO) He said: “I have been notified by a school in North Inishowen where the budget cuts has had a devastating impact on each and every child in the school. We have a situation whereby the school in question will no longer benefit from an extra teacher, as they would have had under the existing staffing schedule. Not only has the book grant, used to help families in difficult circumstances been abolished, but also the funding for special equipment and library books will no longer be available to this school.

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