Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pavesi & Serial Twin Music News!

If your a Pavesi fan go to and vote for the lads!

It's a new form of record deal, people need to sign up, which is free, and vote for Pavesi, and if they get enough votes they get to the investment stage where they get funding to produce an album. Serial Twin will soon be featured there too in the near future. :)

And you can now listen to Pavesi at:

And Serial Twin at the same site:

I believe the lads some royalties if you listen to them on Kerchoonz so give it a try.


Jeannie said...

All the links work except the Serial twins...couldn't hear a thing even though it appeared to be playing away.

Jeannie said...

ahh it's working now.Well done to both Pavesi and Serial Twins..excellent!!