Sunday, November 23, 2008


The price of petrol is going down, with the price being .99c at, at least one County Donegal petrol station. Anyone know which one?
The Consumers' Association of Ireland (CAI) said motorists across the country should be begin to feel the results of competitors benefiting from lower wholesale costs. Six service stations around the country - in counties Monaghan, Galway, Donegal and three in Offaly - were listed on independent website as selling petrol at 99.9c.

Judge turns down hand-gun license to Donegal man in case criminals stole the gun from him:
Judge Kevin Kilrane described dealer Gavin Murray (25) as "an upright and decent man" but turned down his appeal against a ban on owning a Heckler and Koch USP Custom Sport gun that fires 9mm-calibre parabellum ammunition.
Mr Murray, Drimark, Donegal town, appealed against a refusal by Supt John Dennedy to grant him a licence for the gun ...

Mr Murray, who was recently ranked fourth in a national shooting contest, said he travelled the country, for competitions ...

Judge Kilrane said: "There is plenty of hostile territory from here to Cork. A large number of people would be fully aware he has the firearm and is transporting it. The risk of him being robbed of it is very, very high given the present state of the country and the times in which we live, with robberies, with violence and, worse, death on the streets."

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