Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Reaction of Donegal residents from the US to Barak Obama being elected President of the US:

Wave energy to be harnessed for use by Donegal Islands?
It’s been claimed that offshore islands like Tory and Arranmore could be entirely powered by wind and wave energy in the future. The government is to fund a feasibility study to investigate whether electricity, heat and transport needs can be supplied by renewable energy.

An interesting article about Inishowen and the lack of investment there:
Part of this is relevant to Donegal Town and other parts of the county:
The reason being the agency - Industrial Development Agency (IDA) - do not 'officially promote and market' our treasured area because it isn't a gateway town - the Journal can reveal.

Inishowen and Buncrana councillor Padraig MacLochlainn has told the Journal the IDA only focus on gateways towns, like Letterkenny and Sligo.

Furious Colr MacLochlainn said: "My understanding is they only focus on gateway towns in the North West - and these are Letterkenny and Sligo.

Which means, they're (the IDA) going to do feck all to promote jobs growth in the smaller towns and you'll be looking forward to driving to Letterkenny or Sligo if your looking for a job. However it's not all bad news:
But his namesake, Joe McHugh, Regional Manager, of IDA Ireland's Letterkenny office, said despite being their strategy to focus primarily on gateway locations they do cater for other areas like Inishowen and if businesses want to come to that area they will do as much as they can to accommodate them.

Speaking to the Journal yesterday, he said: "Basically our strategy is to follow the governments national spatial strategy - which is to primarily focus on gateway locations.

Anyway's, about jobs, where I work we're all waiting to see who get's laid off. There's been rumours circulating for weeks and feck all is getting done at work because of this. But, I hope to be home over Xmas (taking loads of pics) but I've been putting of booking my flight to see what happens at work. If I get laid off I can come home for longer and pay 1/2 the price for a flight. At the moment AerLingus are quoting $1200 for the dates I'd like to come home, if I come home a few days earlier and leave a few days later it's 1/2 the price! So if you know anyone with a private jet who'd like to give me a skud home please do let me know. :)

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