Monday, November 10, 2008

News: Updated

More from the Irish Times about the latest fatal car crash on the Donegal Town <-> Ballyshannon road:
Father of six and mayor of Ballyshannon PJ Branley (58) who was driving a van, was killed, as was his 40-year-old passenger Dessie McNulty from Ballintra, and the driver of a car, 17-year-old Michael O'Sullivan, from Ballyshannon. ...

Gardaí said initial inquiries indicated a white car driven northwards by Mr O'Sullivan went out of control on a slight bend and collided with Mr Branley's van, which was travelling in the opposite direction.


Fr Cathal Ó Fearraí, parish priest of Kilbarron parish in Ballyshannon, was called to the scene.

He said the parish couldn't take in the triple fatality. "They can't believe it. They are in severe shock today," he said.

He added that there had been at least 10 deaths on the road from Donegal to Ballyshannon over the past decade, including one just over a week ago. "It's a good road, a wide road. Maybe it's too good," he said.

Update: Some more coverage from the Belfast Telegraph, this is very sad indeed:
Two days before the fatal smash which claimed three lives, Sinn Fein politician PJ Branley (58) was given good news by his doctors.

“He was to have had an operation and he was being very positive about it, but after viewing his MRI results, the doctors told him on Friday it could be treated without surgery. He was delighted with himself,” his friend and fellow Ballyshannon town councillor, Phonsie Travers (FG), told the Irish Independent.

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