Sunday, November 09, 2008

News: Updated

I've been busy as of late and not had much chance to post these "News!" postings. They take a lot of time to do, so I might just cut them down to once a week .... unless people find them useful? Sure let me know.

Rem that lad from Derry who was shot at, and his St Bernard pup died from gunshot injuries? Now they found an explosive device outside his Donegal home:
Army bomb disposal experts yesterday dismantled the device, a pipe bomb attached to a five-gallon drum of petrol.

It partly exploded on Monday night but failed to ignite the fuel before its discovery by gardaĆ­ shortly before 9.30pm.

The Real IRA later admitted responsibility for the attack.

And I heard there was snow up on the mountains already. And be careful as they're warning of black ice ...

And more accidents on the Donegal Town - Ballyshannon road. Wouldn't you think that with a good road they're be less accidents? Are people driving faster and taking more risks?

Firstly a pedestrian was killed who was home from abroad to attend to his invalid mother:
The collision happened around 12.30am on Saturday on the N15 road between Ballyshannon and Donegal town. The victim, who is in his 40s, was named locally as businessman Grahame Manoe. Mr Manoe, who was based in the Caribbean island of St Maarten, had returned to Donegal to arrange private care for his frail, elderly mother when tragedy struck.

And just this morning, at 10am, 3 men were killed in a car accident (names have not been published yet):

Update: RTE has more details on this accident, one of the people killed in the crash was the Mayor of Ballyshannon:
One of the men who died in a crash near Ballyshannon, Co Donegal, has been named as Councillor PJ Branley who was the Mayor of Ballyshannon.

Mr Branley (58) , was travelling in a van which was in collision with a car. Another man who was in the van also died as well as a 17-year-old, who was driving the car.

And the jury is split on the court case involving the motorcyclist in the serious accident that occurred on the same road in 2005 (it takes 3 years for the court case to happen?):

And HSE budget cuts leave people dependent on home help up the feckin' creek:
A 65-YEAR-OLD Donegal man with multiple sclerosis has complained he got a phone call out of the blue from the Health Service Executive (HSE) to say his home help hours were being cut from six hours a week to two hours a week and from seven days a week to two days a week. John Riordan, who lives alone and is confined to a wheelchair, says the cut came into effect this week, within days of the phone call, giving him no time to adapt and with no opportunity at all to appeal.

So basically the politicians spend too much when times are good, and didn't save anything for the rough times.

At least there's some good news, 3 men saved from sinking trawler based out of Killybegs:
The crew of the Shaun Shaun was fishing for herring with a partner boat near Killybegs when it began to take on water. The Coast Guard at Malin Head received a mayday call from the 50ft vessel, which was three-quarters of a mile south of Drumanoo Head, shortly after 4.45am. But before any rescue boats were sent to the scene the three local fishermen were pulled onboard their sister vessel, the Rachel D.

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jack said...

Three men have been killed in a road accident in Donegal. They died after a car collided with a van at 10.00am at Ballymagrorty, on the main road between Ballyshannon and Donegal Town.