Saturday, November 01, 2008


I sure ye have been hearing all about the Government's proposed Medical Card cutback for the OAP's. So basically a few years back they gave everyone whose a senior citizen and automatic right to a medical card, irrespective of how poor or wealthy they are. For the current budget they tried to cut this back to OAP's who had income of 242e a week. Well the controversy and out-roar was huge, and the government has changed this to 700e per person and 1400e per couple.

When the government first introduced this the opposition were all against it because of the cost (the papers claim the government did it to get reelected) and now that the government wanted to cut it beyond the bone, well you guessed it, the opposition is all against it!

Anyway's after all that background, here's Donegal Post's report on our local politicians reactions:

But, in my opinion, if your wealthy you shouldn't need this.

A letter from a NI resident and Donegal Holiday Home owner to the Derry Journal about the new Holiday Home tax:
... I remember in the not-so-distant past when we had no running water on our holiday home site, we had to go to the toilet in a bucket, we had no electricity and our site owner had to burn the rubbish (probably illegally).

This was the early ‘90s; where was Donegal County Council then?
The people from the 'North' are used to being ripped off by Donegal, so this tax thing doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. You should just put a sign up at the 'border' crossing telling us 'Northerners' to 'f**k off back home' as this is the way it feels.

My ancestors are from Donegal and I am sure they would be ashamed of the greed and corruption that has engulfed this beautiful county because I know I am ...

And I can't blame his attitude one bit, it's not his fault that the authorities let all these holiday be built now is it? And we're always talking about how important tourism is, yet I do feel there is that rip-off the tourists mentality at home. A few times I've gone into shops in the town and they've thought I've not from the town and they've over-charged me. Has that happened to anyone else?

And this is really interesting, goes to show how some developers have been f**king people over. Many County Council's have refused to take over the running of many private housing estates because the developer didn't finish it properly:
And in one county alone --Donegal -- there is an estimated 699 private housing developments, comprising over 13,000 homes, where homeowners are forced to pay for the upkeep of roads, sewerage systems and public open spaces.

Yesterday An Taisce slammed the situation, saying that councils were reluctant to take over the running of estates which were not built to the proper standard.

"They (homeowners) can often feel very isolated and, coupled with that, local councils are reluctant to take over the maintenance of an area until the development has been completed," Ian Lumley said.

So think about this, a developer sells you a house for an arm-and-a-leg, takes the profit, doesn't finish the estate up to the Council's standards and leaves you (and the other residents) in the lurch.

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