Saturday, October 25, 2008


Mother's agony over daughter killed in hit'n'run in Letterkenny:
A Letterkenny mother has condemned the hit-and-run driver who killed her daughter and then fled to Scotland.
... James McDevitt, from Newmills, County Donegal was jailed for five months for careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

The court heard how Laura Hegarty was walking in the middle of the road when she was knocked down last year.

She shouldn't have been walking in the middle of the road but the article says she may have been trying to get away from a man following her, but for flips sake the driver fecked off to Scotland and only receives 5 months for "careless" driving that left a woman dead.

And the trial against the Ballintra man for dangerous driving has been postponed because the judge was taken ill:

The secondary school n Killybegs gets a cool new electronic blackboard:
Teachers or students using the whiteboard simply use a pen to pick a topic and a range of sounds, pictures and videos will appear to complement it.

“The whiteboard opens up a whole new learning experience to pupils. They take to the technology so well. Teachers revel in it — particularly as it provides them with a virtual library in cyberspace where they can exchange notes, lesson plans and ideas,” says Jessica Murphy, Promethean’s marketing manager.

Sharon McVey, a teacher at the Killybegs school, says the whiteboard has brought a buzz to the school.

... “If we’re doing something on Egypt, for example, we just go to the internet and get material about the pyramids.”

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