Friday, October 17, 2008


Support sport and give racism the "Red Card":

Dog shot during attack near border dies:
The three-month-old St Bernard pup was in the rear seat of a car which was sprayed with bullets during an attempt to kill a 26-year-old Londonderry man in St Johnston on September 25.

Motorcyclist from Ballintra pleads not-guilty in court case over major accident in 2005 on the Donegal/Ballyshannon road:

200 Euro tax on Donegal Holiday Homes:

There are over 11,000 legal guns in Donegal and at least 40 gun clubs and the government is thinking of changing gun ownership laws:
Cllr Jimmy Harte says that while he is not surprised by the figure for registered firearms in Donegal, he believes the government should first tackle the number of illegally owned guns before turning their attention to those that are already licensed.

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