Thursday, October 09, 2008


The Donegal Town Basketball club has a website:

The Gardai clocked 4 bikers doing 260KM on the Ballyshannon/Bundoran bypass:
Such was the speed they were travelling at that speed corps gardai were unable to pursue them and radioed ahead to colleagues to stop them. Gardai finally stopped the four 25km up the road and arrested them.One veteran speed corps officer said: "I thought I had seen everything on the roads but this just about tops the lot."

And there's lead in the water supply, mainly coming from old pipes connecting people's homes to the mains:

The County Council are in disagreement over new fire stations for Ballyshannon and Bundoran, the council want a fire station each town, whilst the Goverment is waving a report and wants one firestation at Finner (between both towns). I'd say with the way the economy is going, they'll might be lucky to get anything:

Two lads from the County win a Valour award for rescuing 3 kids from the sea off Tullan Strand:

Donegal teenagers Conor Doherty (15) and Ryan Hamill (14) also received bronze medals for their part in rescuing three children who were thrown into the water at Tullan Strand, Co Donegal, when their canoe capsized. Both teenagers had been skateboarding near by when they heard the alert. Colin McGuigan, who assisted them in bringing the three children ashore, received a letter of appreciation.

And an touristy article from the telegraph, complete with a pic of a man, dog, and a dolphin swimming:

And someone really like the new hotel in Ardara, named O'Fabulous!

And a lad from the county was on the British version of the show "The Apprentice", but was booted off. :(

And, finally if your in Stockholm, Sweden, go to the Dubliner Pub for a Donegal Crab Party!

And really, finally, finally, a great aerial pic of Donegal Town and Donegal Bay taken by Gordon Dunn from his Ultralight paraglider:


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