Monday, October 20, 2008

Boating Law changes

All you boaters out there should pay attention to potential changes in the boating laws by the County Council:

It looks like their main concern is with "personal watercraft" or jet-ski's as the rest of us would call them:

A public notice in the local press by-law referred to jet skis but now boaters in the area fear that the bye-law will affect all pleasure craft.

The local press advert said: “prohibit the launching and operation of certain maritime craft including personal watercraft (more commonly referred to as Jet Skis) in waters off certain beaches in the county”

Which concerns Donegal boaters because:

But “recreational craft” as defined in the Maritime Safety Act 2005 could extend to a large number of boats. The act says “recreational craft” means a craft of not more than 24 metres in length (measured in accordance with the ISO standard EN ISO8666:2002 — Small craft — Principal data) intended for sports and leisure purposes.

Which means the council need to clarify what exactly what they mean so that people whom they don't want the law to apply to don't get snagged by the law and suffer 1000e fines!

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